The cartridge jam error may occur due to many reasons.
 Paper jam in the rear access door of the printer.
 The presence of torn pieces of paper being stuck in the roller
 Possibility of a foreign object hindering the cartridge path
 And lastly due to the need of computer system and printer rebooting.


 1. Look for any stuck paper or object on the cartridge path

 First turn on the HP printer
 Unplug the power cord from the HP printer & remove the plug from the power source.
 Then make sure that all connected cables are removed.
 Open the printer lid to reveal cartridge carriage.
 Carriage should be at the right side of the printer. If not then manually move the carriage to the right.
 If the carriage does not move, you must look for any object or particle obstructing the movement.
 Next, You have to remove paper jam or foreign objects.
 Then move the cartridge carriage manually to the left side. Repeat the same kind of checking & remove any obstruction and return the carriage to the right side.
 Make sure that there is no obstruction and close the printer lid.
 Re plugin the power cord & other used cables.
 Connect the printer power cord as well.
 Finally, Turn on the printer & wait for it to warm up.
 Finally run a test
If still you are facing carriage jam error move on to the next step.

2. Gently move cartridge & clear HP printer cartridge printheads

 Slowly and carefully move the cartridge back and forth without being too harsh to its
movement to ensure that the print heads are clean and in good working condition.
 In case it's not clean, use a soft dry cloth to clean it gently.
 Then plug the printer back to power and perform a print check.

 If all is ok that means the problem will resolve if not or move on to the next steps.

3. Plug the system directly to wall socket

 First unplug the printing system from the existing operational power strips
 Then plug the power cord directly to an electrical outlet.
 Try reconnecting the power cord to the rear of the HP printer and turn on the printer
 Now the HP printer carriage jam error must have been possibly gone

4. Try rebooting the printing system
Whenever you come across the message of “HP printer cartridge jam error” on the printing
system, try rebooting the printer and your computer.
 This trick works as the system gets refreshed and automatically solves the issue and
you get to work from a clean slate.
5. Do a keen visual inspection
Even after restarting the device if still your HP printer cartridge jam error persists, follow these
 First turn the printer off to perform a visual inspection for any jammed paper
 Next remove the rear access door by lifting the left and right tabs
 Carefully remove any jammed paper or pieces of torn paper if any from the rollers and
replace the rear access door.
 Then push out the paper tray check the paper is properly inserted and put it again
 Now start again the HP printer and test a print hopefully this carriage jam error in HP
printer will resolved
If the problem is not solved seek HP printer technical support. Seek professional help for thegood and long functioning of your printer. HP provides an assistant software application known as ‘HP smart app’ which can help you in identifying the root cause of the problem. This application is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems and can be downloaded from HP’s website. So you need to follow every above mentioned step correctly. We hope our post makes it easier for you to understand. Also we made it as simple points for easy understanding.