The HP Officejet 4650 is an all-in-one printer which has built-in Wireless function, AirPrint, HP Auto Wireless Connect, HP Wireless Direct, and the Bluetooth application. Also supports mobile printing. By using Airprint you can connect from any Apple device easily. Follow the below steps for HP Officejet 4650 setup.


First, make sure the box is properly sealed then remove the printer from the box and place it on a flat surface.
After that, insert one end of the cord to the printer and the other end to the power socket.
Then, verify the stable power connection.
After that, switch on the printer after basic HP Officejet 4650 setup. Finally, wait for the printer to power on.
Now turn on your printer and open the access door. Then, clean the access area and unwrap the new HP ink cartridges.
Next, remove the plastic wrappings from the cartridge and insert.
Locate according to the color-coding and close the access door. Finally, assign a print task and get b/w and color printouts easily.
After that, lift the input paper tray. Then, clear all the paper clots and remove all the protective materials.
Clean the print heads and stuff the printing sheets into them. Look for damaged edges of printing sheets and remove them.
 Finally, close the input paper tray and continue printing files at ease.


First, open the default web browser and navigate to the official HP site.
After that, type your printer model in the search panel and click the Search
On the support page, click the Software, Drivers, and Firmware
Click the Choose a different OS link to select your desired operating system.
Then under Drivers , click the Download button near the full feature software link.

The driver will be downloaded as a .exe file for the Windows operating systems.
For Mac OS, the printer driver will download as a .dmg
After downloading the software, navigate to the Downloads folder and open the installer file to run the driver setup.


First, turn on your HP Officejet 4650 printer and make sure you completed all the basic printer settings.
After that, turn on the Wi-Fi router as well as your computer.
Now connect your computer to the wireless network and ensure the Internet connection.
Identify your Wi-Fi SSID and Network Key to configure them in the future.
Also you can identify them on the label located at the backside of the Wi-Fi router.
Press the Wireless button available on the printer’s control panel and hold it for at least five seconds.
Go near the Wi-Fi router and press the WPS push button within a few minutes.
When the connection is established successfully, the Wireless indicator light (LED) on the printer will turn into solid light.
Next, install the printer software on your computer using the setup CD.
If you have downloaded the driver from the official HP site, open the installer file to run the driver setup.
In the HP Easy Start window, read the privacy policy and select the “ I have reviewed and accept the data collection settings and the HP Privacy Statement ” checkbox.
Click the Continue button to accept the EULA and proceed with the next step.
Now, the HP printer will be detected automatically by the printer software if the computer and the HP printer are connected to the same wireless network.
Then on the Choose a printer screen, select your printer if available and click Continue .
In case the printer is not displayed on the screen, click the" My Printer is Not Shown " button.
Choose a connection method and wait until the printer is detected automatically by the printer software.
After that, choose the printer software you wish to install and click the Continue
Wait until the installation is complete.
Now follow the rest of the instructions on the screen to finish the driver setup.


First, power up the router and make sure the printer provides an active internet connection. Then, link the printer to the network of the router.
After that, the wireless connection between your HP Officejet 4650 printer and computer is done using the HP Smart application.
You can get the app from the Microsoft Store for Windows OS and Apple Store for Mac devices.
Then, download and launch the HP Smart application.
Open the application and add your printer.
Now you can perform all the functions of the printer.

So follow the above mentioned steps for HP Officejet 4650 setup. Also we made it in simple points for your easy understanding. We hope it was helpful for you. For more queries and doubts contact us.