The HP Officejet 6500 printers provide customers professional experience while printing. You can connect it with the computer, tablet or mobile phone very easily and also wirelessly. Also its compact design saves more space. Best suitable for both home and office uses. Follow the below steps for HP Officejet 6500 wireless setup.


First, make sure the purchased printer box is sealed correctly.
 After that, unseal the printer box and check if the printer components are provided in it.
 Take the HP Officejet 6500 printer from the box and place it on a clean and flat surface.
 Then remove the packing tapes and protective materials from the printer.
 Load a stack of plain white papers into the input tray by adjusting the paper width guides.
 Now open the access door at the top.
 Unpack the new ink cartridges provided in the printer package and insert them into the corresponding slots.
 Finally, align the cartridges by printing an alignment sheet and complete the HP Officejet 6500 Setup.


First make you know all the required details like network name and password.
 Now ensure that your computer has a proper network connection and place the router and printer close to each other.
 Tap the wireless option from the control panel and then Open Wireless setup wizard.
 Select your network from the list of network names available there.
 Follow the on screen instructions on the printer home screen.
 Also install the software using CD, when the download is complete, run the downloaded hp officejet 6500 printer software.
 Finally type the desired connection and complete the installation process.


First ensure that your network connection is stable.
 After that, gather the information about the network and password.
 Make sure to have a secure and stable connection and connect your Mac to the wireless network.
 On the control panel, tap on the wireless option.
 Touch a Wireless setup wizard and enter the network name and password.
 You can download and install the 123.hp.com/setup 6500 printer software.
 Insert CD into your Mac and install it by running HP Easy Scan.
 Finally, track the procedure given below to finish the process.


First, make sure the computer is connected to the wireless network. Ensure that the computer and the router are turned on and the computer is connected to the printer through the same wireless network.
 Switch on the HP Officejet 6500 printer and place it close to the computer within the router range during the procedural setup.
Press the setup button on the printer control panel. Press the arrow button to select the network settings and then select the OK button to connect the printer to the wireless network. After that, disconnect the USB cables.
 Now the software installation instigates to connect the cables. Type the model number and click submit in the printer.
Then Select the version to change the operating system and select change. Select download or basic drivers for the full software package under the driver heading.

 To connect HP Officejet 6500 printers in the Wi-Fi network for mac, select System Preferences in the Apple menu.
 Select Print and Scan in the operating system.
To confirm communication, and to ensure the correct driver, remove and add the printer, if the printer is in list. Click the minus sign in the name of the printer to delete it. Click the plus sign, add printer or scanner and in the name of the printer.
 Suppose the printer is not in the list, select add sign to proceed the same.
 Also ensure that the MAC and the printers are connected with the USB cable.
 Click the print using or use option and then click the printer name. Limited printer functionality occurs by clicking the generic driver option from the Use menu.

Then to insert the printer in the list, click add.
 Finally for installation completion, select download and install. System Preferences window should be closed.


First, go to the setup page and find your driver by entering the required details of the hp com setup 6500 printer.
 Tap the download button there and open that once it finishes downloading.
 Double tap to launch the driver and now follow the instruction given.
 Get back to the setup page and finish the activation.
 No need to manually connect the Wireless connect setup printer as it auto connects.
 Also make sure you have an active and stable network connection setup.

So follow the above mentioned steps for HP Officejet 6500 printer wireless setup. Also we made it in simple points for your easy understanding. We hope it was helpful for you. For any further queries and doubts contact us.